Personal Advising

Our staff provides you the support in college you need to succeed!


How many times—in your life before college—have you wished you could have had someone at your beck and call who could offer real help when things got tough? Someone with whom you could discuss challenges, share victories and just, in general, confide in when you needed some great advice?

Here at Lincoln College of New England, we have just such a person, and he or she is waiting to be assigned to you right now. Of course, we call them faculty advisors, and their job is to pair up with you when you first arrive as an enrolled student and check in with you frequently, both in person and by e-mail, to help you in every way they can.

Once you’ve participated in the appropriate placement exams to determine the right level college courses for your optimum success, we’ll also register you for free tutoring at our Academic Center for Excellence. Assigning free tutoring as part of your class schedule ensures you are getting personal attention while you are at the Center. Our tutors are members of our own faculty, or a department chairs, or even one of your peers. So, if you find you’re having some challenges, between your faculty advisor and your tutor, there’s no way we’re going to allow you to struggle along on your own.