Career Services

Looking to start your career?  Looking to hire talented students?  Look no further. 


The Office of Career Services at Lincoln College of New England (LCNE) will be an essential part of your experience here, whether you’re a brand new student or a seasoned member of our alumni. Based on your particular field of interest, our career advisors can help you choose the programs and courses that offer the best skills, knowledge and experience for success in the real world after you graduate. We’ll even conduct vocational interest “inventories” to help clarify your goals, discover options, and assess your interests, values and abilities.


As you continue with your studies and near graduation, the services we offer will become even more important and meaningful. As a team, your faculty advisor, Department Chair and Career Services advisors will work closely with you to secure an appropriate internship, help you prepare your best résumé, provide job search, networking and interviewing techniques and offer constructive feedback. In addition, our Career Services staff will present regular workshops, schedule job fairs, assist you in identifying possible employers and plan the best job-seeking strategies.

Even after graduation, you’ll continue to receive career support through résumé reviews, online advising and one-on-one counseling. These are just some of the reasons why our alumni enjoy such an excellent reputation among employers, and it’s also why such a high percentage of them are employed in their chosen fields immediately after graduation. And our career counselors can tell you this is why they enjoy their own jobs so much. Because, like everyone else on the LCNE staff, their career satisfaction comes from helping you find yours.