Enrollment Requirements

Learn what you will need to start your classes right away.

Getting Started at Your New College

Just like our acceptance process, our enrollment requirements are clear and concise.  Once you have decided that Lincoln College of New England is right for you and your future, we want to make getting started as smooth as possible so you can commence your college experience right away.

We invite applications from:

  • Graduates of accredited high schools and secondary schools
  • Those possessing a high school equivalency diploma
  • Those who have successfully completed a General Educational Development (GED) program
  • Transfer students from other accredited colleges

Submitting Test Scores is Optional

Lincoln College of New England does not require SAT scores, but we strongly recommend that you submit them to help us determine your academic potential.  SAT scores are also considered in the awarding of scholarships.  We have a rolling admission policy; applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  Admission decisions are typically made within one week of the receipt of all required documents.

Questions?  Do not hesitate to contact us today for more information!

Transfer of credit requests will be reviewed by the Registrars Office on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Forms & Resources