College Tuition and Fees

Learn about the costs associated with your college degree and classes.

Download the latest Course Catalog for Tuition Information

You hear so much talk about the price of college, it’s easy to get intimidated — but how much does college really cost?  Lincoln College of New England publishes its tuition and fee information in the Official Course Catalog.  Take a moment to download one of your best resources as a prospective or current student at Lincoln College of New England: Our Official Course Catalog!

Within you’ll find detailed course descriptions, information about our school policies, procedures and everything you need to know about our tuition and fee schedules, ready to print out for your convenience. Enjoy!

Download the latest version of the Lincoln College of New England Official Course Catalog now.

Have questions about tuition?  Use the contact form or call (800) 825-0087 to speak to the Admissions Office and discuss your questions on Lincoln's College Tuition and Fees.