Lincoln College of New England

The right college experience built around a personalized education.


WELCOME! We’re delighted to introduce you to Lincoln College of New England and all that it has to offer as the first step toward succeeding in your chosen career. You’ll be glad to know that this college is part of the Lincoln family of schools across the nation, which has more than 70 years experience in training and guiding ambitious, career-minded students just like you. So be confident…when it comes to the kind of professional, specialized, hands-on education you’re seeking, you couldn’t have made a better choice.


Lincoln College of New England provides students with a comprehensive education emphasizing career and applied knowledge. Through exceptional curriculum and credentialed faculty, the College positions students to meet the emergent needs of an evolving society.


Lincoln College of New England continues to offer and expand programs in which our graduates achieve rewarding careers and become responsible and successful members of society.


  • Through long-range planning, Lincoln College of New England will continue to commit the resources to provide high quality programs that meet the needs of the community and enable students to attain their potential. 
  • To enable students to achieve their maximum return on their educational investment, the College will continue to help students accomplish employment within their chosen field. 
  • The College will promote the development of a curious mind and lifelong learning through the pursuit of academic excellence. 
  • The College will continue to enhance its learning environment through ongoing assessment and provide students with a rich and satisfying educational experience. 
  • The College is committed to making a difference in the community of which it is a part and encourages faculty, staff and students to participate in outreach and service programs designed to focus on the competitive challenges of diverse environments, both locally and globally. 
  • The College will continue to ensure that it operates with the highest level of academic, financial and regulatory integrity and is in compliance with all federal, state and accreditation requirements.


Lincoln College of New England will commit the necessary resources and through long-range planning provide programs designed to enable students to attain their optimal potential. Career-oriented programs and general education offerings will be expanded and strengthened to further opportunities for students to acquire the necessary skills to be successful as citizens and in the workplace. Academic excellence will be strengthened through an open-minded, knowledgeable and accessible faculty and staff whose orientation reflects the expectation of teaching effectiveness, scholarship and service. The College will continue to enhance its attractiveness to students in order to provide them with a rich and satisfying educational experience.

We invite you to Be Amazing at Lincoln College of New England!