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Our students speak about Lincoln College of New England

No one can tell you more about what it’s like to study at Lincoln College of New England than the people who matter most to us—our students—so we take pride in letting them speak for themselves. Read what they have to say, in their own words, and you’ll see how unique, impressive and ambitious our graduates are, and why we’re so confident that you, like them, will be happy to recommend us to your friends, your family and your fellow students as a great place to start—or enhance—your career.

Read below to hear about Lincoln College of New England from the people who matter most.

“Being a wife, mother of two children under four while working full-time made it seem like a dream to return to school. Only one program stood out, LCNE’s RN-BSN Program. I am extremely thankful for the support from the faculty, smaller classes and the way the program was designed which allowed me to succeed.” - Carissa Marin, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2016

“I became a nurse later in life so when I started to look into getting my BSN, I looked for a program that could help me attain that goal as soon as possible. The hybrid program at Lincoln College was exactly what I was looking for; I earned my BSN in one year. Awesome!” - Dorothy Raleigh RN, BSN, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2015

"Overall since beginning the journey to obtain my BSN I have had so many new educational experiences that I feel has made me a much better healthcare provider, patient advocate, and educator."  - Stefanie Audia, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2015

"At age 28, I decided to further my education at Lincoln College of New England. Combining a personal feel with a stringent curriculum the college allowed me to grow. LCNE provided a convenient school schedule for a working mother. I was able to thrive in the small classroom setting and at the practicum sites. I was fortunate enough to land my first DTR job through one of my practicum placements. The internships at which I was placed allowed for professional growth as I learned more about the DTR profession. I went on to pass the DTR exam. Attending LCNE was an excellent experience for me."  - Lauren N. Xelhua, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2013

“Since the first moment I came to Lincoln I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm.  The faculty and staff at this institution are top rate.  They all want their students to do well.  This school has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need… Professors helped me beyond words I can say.  This school keeps the student first.  You will not be let down.  I really believe it is a privilege to come to this school and I am so glad I made that decision.”  - Mark Ricci, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2011

“LCNE was more than a school, it was a family.  A family that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”  - Christina Dee, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2010

“In my years here I had the greatest time ever and made some of the best friends a person could have.  All of the teachers were AMAZING!!!!  They were either retired police officers, police officers still working in the field or are working in some other branch of the Criminal Justice system and the experience and knowledge that they brought with them can’t be matched.”  - Collin Young, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2010

“Transferring to LCNE was the best choice I made.  I loved having a smaller class size because I got more one on one attention from the professors and felt more comfortable speaking in front of others.  I gained the experience and confidence I need.”  - Gina Marone, LCNE Alumna, Class of 2009

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