Student Center

At our college, we succeed when you succeed.


At Lincoln College of New England, your success is our success. It’s that simple. Everything we do here is focused on how well you do here, so once you become a Lincoln student, be prepared. You’re going to receive a lot of attention. But hey, no worries…all of it will be positive! Take our Learning Centers, for instance, where you’ll find an exciting, attractive environment in which you can meet with other students to strengthen your basic academic abilities, develop more effective college study and time management habits or sharpen your computer skills---whatever areas you’d most like to focus on. You’ll also find real, live tutors at the Learning Centers, as well as computers that offer virtual software tutorials you can use at your own pace.


Of course, our Learning Centers are also a great place to make friends, connect with the entire student community and, in general, discover the tight, supportive bond of classmates, instructors, administrators and staff that makes up the Lincoln College of New England family---a family personally committed to helping make sure you succeed, both within and outside of the classroom. If you join the Lincoln College of New England student community, you will be embraced by a lot of people who are personally committed to making sure you succeed, both in and outside of the classroom.