College Internships


LCNE takes a unique approach to your education, because we truly believe that “experience is the best teacher.” That’s why our faculty is made up of experienced, seasoned professionals, rather than just theoretical instructors, and why we also stress the importance of providing our students with opportunities to have real, hands-on experiences within their actual fields of interest. An LCNE education goes far beyond just classroom study.

Most of these experiences are made available through internship hours we’ve built into the curriculum of many of our programs. These internships give you a glimpse into the real world of work along with experience you can proudly list on your résumé. Just as students used to serve as “apprentices” to learn their craft from mentors in generations past, LCNE students are encouraged to seek out and participate in every relevant internship they – and we – can arrange for their advantage.


“The students that come to me from LCNE are always very professional, hard-working individuals that are always ready for the challenge…and believe me, I challenge them. They certainly do their homework. Upon our interview, I give them a list of diagnoses and problem lists for them to research so they are ready to treat the patients. They are always prepared!

I have very positive feedback from patients and family members as to how ‘wonderful, caring and effective’ these students are. Even my pediatric patients get very upset when the student has completed their Level II clinical…some even cry because they miss them.”

- Lynne Zailckas, 

COTA/L Access Rehab Centers


“LCNE’s internship program has been very successful at our office.  It has been a pleasure working with the students.  The best compliment I can give to the school is that we hired three students in the past year!”

-Albert A. Natelli, Jr. D. D. S. 

Southington Dental Associates, PC

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