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Congratulations! You’ve chosen to learn more about the career-training opportunities available at Lincoln College of New England! This is your first step on the road to the career—and future—you may only have been dreaming about in the past. Whatever your goals are, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. Lincoln offers a wide range of college degree and certificate programs, and we’re confident one of them will be right for your specific career needs.

 Of course, in addition to the professional training we offer for individual career goals, we also provide a curriculum that incorporates general education courses designed to help our graduates become well-rounded adults who can think critically, effectively express their ideas and understand the importance of civic responsibility.  Our college programs include a broad selection that spans the arts and humanities, behavioral and social sciences, mathematics, science and the latest technologies.

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These courses, which will complement your specific career training, can also help you to develop your ability to analyze information, form logical conclusions, use technology for problem-solving, express ideas and opinions clearly and recognize values such as leadership, citizenship and cultural and intellectual diversity. Because we know there’s more to you than just your career goals, these general college courses reflect our commitment to helping you grow and develop in the other important, character-building aspects of your life.

Our mission is to prepare you not only for career success, but to also help you become a “student of life” in the truest sense. This kind of comprehensive learning may take a little more work, but nothing, not even monetary success, is more rewarding or worthwhile than a truly meaningful education.

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