Our Academic Approach

Benefit from small classes, individual attention, and personal advising.


Think no one could ever care as much about your personal career goals as you do? Guess again.

At Lincoln College of New England, everyone here is as devoted to your success as you are! Our entire college curriculum is focused upon the specific needs of you, the individual student, from the development of our academic programs and class schedules to the support services and alumni programs we offer. In fact, contrary to what your parents may have told you in the past, here the world really does revolve around you, because Lincoln, we’re proud to admit, is entirely student centered in our approach to education.


Educating students, individual by individual, has been our priority since the first Lincoln school was created more than 60 years ago. Many of our first students were returning war veterans or other adults in need of professional training, so we learned, early on, to treat each of our pupils with the respect, support and individualized attention they needed and deserved. And this is exactly the same student centered, customized support and individualized attention you’ll receive, as a young or adult student, at our Southington campus or through our online courses.

At Lincoln, you won’t just get to know your teachers as friendly, caring individuals with your best interests at heart; you’ll also get to meet the individual chairpersons of each department as they work with you, one-on-one, on your academic requirements and scheduling. As unusual as it sounds, the involvement and personal attention every Lincoln staff member at every level gives to every student is one of the hallmarks of Lincoln’s success. Which is why, when we say you’ll begin to think of us as “family,” we really mean it.


Of course, no amount of individualized attention matters if the courses provided aren’t relative to your own career goals. That’s why we offer a wide-range of academic programs at Lincoln College of New England, from Criminal Justice to Mortuary Science to Dental Hygiene. We choose our college programs to reflect the fields and industries in which job opportunities are growing, because we know that’s what’s most important to you. We also choose them because we actively listen to the feedback we receive from students and prospective students about the subjects they most want to study—and about college programs they can’t find elsewhere—and then we create a curriculum to fit their needs.

One of the most exciting requirements of most of our college programs is internship experience, in which you’ll spend part of your time here actually working, on location, in your chosen field. This is an opportunity to have real, hands-on experience that expands the scope of a typical college education. A business management student will work in a corporate environment, for instance, while a dental assistant student may help out in a clinic. Internships like this not only provide invaluable work experience, but can also be a positive source of contacts and networking references for use in your future career.


The experienced, talented and compassionate college instructors you’ll find at Lincoln College of New England will earn your respect, trust and loyalty the moment you realize that, unlike other teachers you may have had in the past, our staff truly teach what they know. As professionals in the actual fields they teach, our educators provide more than just theory. They’re able to give you a behind-the-scenes, hands-on approach to learning the ropes of your desired profession, so when it comes to getting the “inside edge” you need for career success, this is the right faculty for you.


We’re proud to have a “small” advantage over other, larger schools. Here you’ll never be just a number or a face in the crowd because, for one thing, our college classes aren’t over-crowded to begin with! Instead, you’ll receive personalized attention from our caring, professional faculty, staff, and administrators, all of whom are as concerned with your success as you are, both within and outside of the classroom.

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