Human Services Bachelors Degree Program

Looking for a Human Services Degree in Connecticut?

Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Human Services 


The Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services program provides students the opportunity to take courses in the areas of human services, psychology, and sociology. Students concentrate in one of four areas of study: community health, development, criminal justice, or a human services general track. These concentrations offer students the opportunity to specialize in an area of study to enhance their career interests.

The community health and outreach concentration prepares students to work at organizations that focus on community health services such as dental care, diabetes education, preventative screenings, and women’s health. Courses in this concentration focus on community health, holistic approaches, nutrition, marketing, and health psychology.

The concentration in development prepares students to manage human services organizations, with courses focusing on management, marketing, grant writing, and fundraising.
The criminal justice concentration draws upon courses focusing on corrections, juvenile justice, correctional counseling, and legal rights of victims. The general curriculum, plus these courses, prepare students to work in careers related to probation or corrections, and residential/non-residential treatment facilities.

The human services general track offers students the opportunity to take an eclectic approach to their studies by taking classes from the three concentrations in community health, development, and criminal justice.

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