Health Information Management careers in the new healthcare landscape


The healthcare field is ever-changing, and as the industry continues to transition with the new presidential administration, we can expect that new healthcare laws will become a reality. While laws and procedures change, the business of healthcare, and not just patient care, will always need skilled employees. With the implementation of electronic healthcare records in recent years, new Health Information Management roles have emerged in technology, medical coding, reimbursement, and the protection of medical information.
Both technical and professional roles exist in the Health Information Management (HIM) profession, and many providers now require a professional credential for employment in the health information, coding or billing fields.  Lincoln College of New England (LCNE) can help you secure that required credential.

Why pursue a Health Information Management degree?

According to the American Health Information Management Association,

Constantly evolving regulations and technologies allow for lifelong learning and continued professional development. As healthcare advances, health information provides the patient data needed to successfully navigate the changes. As a result, health information professionals can expect to be in high demand as the health sector continues to expand. Demand is on the rise at all levels of education and credentialing.”

Healthcare providers require that employees have a certification from the American Health Information Management Association ? AHIMA ? for most of these positions, and graduation from an accredited educational institution is required.  LCNE is just such an accredited institution and can help prepare you for those jobs that require AHIMA certification.

What are your future career plans?  This question doesn’t just pertain to students preparing to graduate high school this spring.  Career choices and changes are a consideration for established professionals as well.  Lack of advancement, downsizing, workforce changes, or life changes are some of the reasons that older adults may also consider a career change, and Health Information Management careers can be a great fit for existing skills.  The value of an LCNE education lies in learning how to adapt those skills to the needs of a fast-changing healthcare field.

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