Brighten Your Future With a Dental Hygiene Degree


If you’re eager to continue your education and further your career, you don’t need to stop at an Associate degree. Instead, keep moving forward and earn a Bachelor’s degree as well. Dental Hygienists who have completed the Associate’s program can move on to Lincoln College of New England’s Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science Degree completer program. With a higher level of education, you will have more options when finding a career outside of a private practice. You will have the freedom to choose your future.

The Lincoln College of New England (LCNE) program, which was introduced in 2015, is available exclusively to Dental Hygienists holding an Associate Dental Hygiene Degree from a program accredited by CODA (the Commission On Dental Accreditation).  The Dental Hygiene Degree completer program is another example of how LCNE’s courses are being tailored to meet the needs of its students and the industry. Eight hundred trained, qualified Dental Hygienists are projected to be hired in the state of Connecticut alone over the next eight years, according to

These professionals are often the first to see dental patients during their visits, and perform vital functions like semi-annual cleanings, assessing gum health, taking X-Rays, developing film, and a lot more.  Professionals who hold a Dental Hygiene Degree may find more opportunities are available to them with a Bachelor’s Degree ? and that’s where LCNE’s completer program comes in.

Earn Your Dental Hygiene Degree at LCNE

If you’re a Dental Hygienist interested in taking another step toward your personal goals, furthering your career and driving your education to new heights, contact Lincoln College of New England’s admissions office to learn more about how to make the program work for you. With plenty of support to ensure your success, you may find that Lincoln College of New England is the place where you will thrive and build a bright future for yourself.

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