How Do I Learn Online?

As a Lincoln College of New England online student, your computer becomes a virtual classroom. All lectures are delivered completely online, and courses are designed to maximize interactivity through audio and visual elements.

At Lincoln College of New England, we understand you have many commitments - work, family, hobbies... All of these things are important to you - and to us here at Lincoln. You may be apprehensive about how you'll fit college into your busy schedule, but rest assured, the education you've always wanted can be yours through the convenience of online learning.

Balancing Your Life and School

Online learning has great advantages, one of which is the flexibility it offers. As a Lincoln student, you'll be able to fit in classes to maintain your work schedule. Students are required to meet the minimum attendance requirements for each course set by the school and the instructor. This means there are assignments you'll be expected to complete each week by specific, set due dates, but scheduling is flexible and mostly left up to you.

In addition to stimulating visual learning elements, you will receive textbooks to complete reading assignments. Your instructors will assign quizzes and tests, and you will be given writing assignments, all of which you'll complete and submit online. To help you interact with students and understand course materials, you will participate in online discussions regarding course material. Plus, your instructor can be contacted easily if you have questions or need an extra helping hand.

A New Way To Learn

Online classes through Lincoln College of New England focus on preparing you for your chosen career path. As part of the online learning experience, you can expect to:

  • Gain knowledge and insight on course topics through assigned reading.
  • View audio/visual lectures and participate in threaded discussions with instructor and fellow students.
  • See live demonstrations, slideshows, video clips, photos and more set up by your instructor.
  • Have one-on-one chat sessions or email exchanges with your instructor depending on your individual needs.

Whether you are aspiring to work in the healthcare industry, or want a career in Criminal Justice, online learning at LCNE helps you keep it all together through the convenience of online learning. You know a little more about us... Now, we want to learn more about you! Contact LCNE to speak to an Admission's Representative.