Transfer Students

At Lincoln College of New England, we understand that making the transition from high school to college is a challenge, and in some cases students find that their first choice in colleges did not work for them. Each term, we welcome new transfer students who have taken courses from colleges across the country, or who earned their Associate’s Degree and now want to continue their education and earn their Bachelor’s Degree. If you are one of these students, it’s easy to get started.  


To help you save time and money toward your degree, our liberal transfer credit policies give you maximum credit for your previous college-level education, military training, work experience, and more. We accept previously earned college credit from regionally and nationally accredited institutions, depending on the intended degree program of study.


  • Maximum credit for previous college-level education - based upon a case-by-case review of the student’s previous college coursework transcript.
  • Credit for military training and experience.
  • Small class sizes - generally 14:1 student to faculty. Industry-experienced faculty.
  • Experiential learning opportunities.
  • Flexible learning environment.


The best thing to do before you apply is to get your documents in order. This will speed up the enrollment process and facilitate the review for possible transfer credits into your degree program. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted with your initial application but please note that Official Transcripts are required to be submitted before the start of the term for which you are enrolling.

To request more information about transferring to LCNE - call the Admissions Office at 860-628-4751 x 40984.

For specific Admissions requirements and programmatic information - Click here