Benefits Of An Online Bachelor’s Degree

At Lincoln College of New England, we understand what’s important to you – providing for your family, having a job you love and career success. LCNE’s online school is dedicated to helping people just like you turn your passion into a profession, all while maintaining the commitments that are so important to you.

LCNE offers Bachelor's Degrees in Criminal Justice. All courses are taught online in virtual classrooms that are accessible 24/7. This means you can fit college into your busy schedule! In fact, students are usually pleasantly surprised at, and relieved by, just how quickly they adapt to the online student experience, and how easily our college fits into their life.

When you enroll in a Lincoln online program, expect courses to be rigorous and to require hard work. But don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of support. Instructors are just an email away, available to answer your questions or explain concepts. Being accessible is important, and they understand you’ve chosen to attend college online for some very good reasons. They know your time is limited and precious.

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