A Communications Degree Helps Open Doors to Exciting Careers!


If you’ve ever dreamed about working behind the scenes of a radio or television program, offering your advice on a piece of literature or helping to spread the word about an exciting product or new business venture, you may want to consider a career in communications. Many entry-level jobs in broadcasting, publishing and public relations can be obtained with an Associate degree in communications.

How can an Associate Degree in communications help you?

A communications degree can pave the way for a variety of jobs requiring strong writing and speaking skills, computer literacy and technical knowledge. Students in communications programs should gain a general understanding of both the creative and technical sides of various industries.

Many 2-year communications degree programs can prepare graduates to transfer* to 4-year programs so they can pursue higher-level positions in the communications field. However, graduates of an Associate degree program may also join the workforce immediately and earn an entry-level position in broadcasting, telecommunications or journalism.

According to learn.org, there are a variety of careers that students are able to jump into after graduating from a 2-year communications degree program. Three of the most popular are broadcast technician, proofreader, and public relations assistant.

Broadcast Technician

A broadcast technician is one of the behind-the-scenes experts of a radio or television station. Operating electronic equipment and monitoring a broadcast for clarity and quality are key responsibilities for the job. To be successful as a broadcast technician candidates must have:

  • Knowledge of telecommunications systems
  • Expertise in various methods of media production
  • Ability to operate circuit boards, electronic equipment and computer hardware and software
  • Strong verbal communication skills


A proofreader’s keen eye for detail ensures that a written work is at its absolute best. It is the proofreader’s job to correct misspellings, grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies. Employers look for proofreaders with these skills:

  • Solid understanding of grammar and spelling
  • Strong reading comprehension skills
  • The self-discipline necessary to successfully complete projects on time


Public Relations Assistant

The goal of a public relations (PR) professional is to generate favorable publicity for a product, service or organization. Most public relations professionals need at least a Bachelor’s degree in the field. However, a public relations firm might hire a PR assistant with an Associate degree in a field such as communications. A PR assistant supports the efforts of a public relations team, and their duties may include:

  • Researching potential sources of media coverage for a client
  • Speaking with members of the media about publicity opportunities
  • Writing press releases
  • Coordinating special events and press conferences

Communication skills are valuable, versatile, and can lead to a wealth of opportunities after you graduate! A communications degree helps you lay the foundation upon which successful, exciting careers are built. At Lincoln College of New England, we’re proud to offer an Associate Degree in Communications option where principles from business, marketing, law and management combine with topics in journalism and mass media. Get a comprehensive look at all the professional doors that a communications degree can open call or visit us in Southington today to learn more!

* The transfer of credits is always up to the receiving institution.


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